Retrospective on Summer 2010 – Present

So it’s been quite a couple of seasons for me. From watching various types of anime to becoming more hardworking at school, I learned that it’s almost impossible to achieve a balance between the two. As a trade off of having such a huge appetite for anime, I usually have to study till late at night and watch anime early in the morning (1-2AM). I hope this will work out for me in the coming months as this will be the most crucial period of time in my life.

So let’s see what I did with anime since 2010. I first started by watching my first series of ecchi anime, Sekirei, and I was pretty much hooked by the balance between action and romance/harem. Then, I progressed to much more explicit anime such as Highschool of the Dead, which by far is one of the best anime in my opinion. After HOTD, I watched Hyakka Ryouran, which was another ecchi anime, but I guess it was okay…Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not an ecchi freak, just exploring some more mature types of anime. Pretty much after HOTD, I hit off on the seinen and the ecchi anime, so which I’m presently still enjoying. As far as shounen anime goes, I still enjoy shows like Bleach and Naruto, but I’ve progressed to enjoying more complicated story lines like those in Durarara!!. So I guess so far, this has been the biggest genre change in anime I watch.

For school work, I guess I’m pretty much knee deep with assignments, tests, and projects. Not much time to spare if you’re taking AP courses and aim to be a medical school student (sigh.). Anyways, I’ve kept my strict Asian parents quite happy this year, so I guess thats why they turn a blind eye to my enormous collection of manga (hyperbole).

Ah well. I’ll be including a retrospective on shows I’ve watched since Summer 2010 as soon as this Winter 2011 season ends.


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