Freezing 11

Okay, here’s a post about this week’s Freezing. I won’t do blogs on anime episodes very often (probably just for a whole series), but when it comes to Freezing, I just had to say something. Although there’s been some pretty negative reviews for this show, I still think it’s one of my favorite series (manga/anime). Talk about having bad tastes. Anyways, if you read the manga, you’ll know the events are much more evenly spaced out and not rushed like in the anime, which made it seem pretty bad.

Hmm…so I’m sure you’ve all seen this week’s Freezing already…am I the only one who thinks that it was probably the best pre-finale episode compared to the other currently airing series?

I know the episode itself didn’t feature as much battle scenes as it should have, according to the manga, but it was decent in upping the suspense required for a dramatic ending episode.

Freezing 11 Cleo Punch

Cleo's "FALCON PUNCH!!!"

Yes in the picture, you can see Cleo Brand punching one of the Nova Forms in the chest. Although it mainly looks cool so people like me can say “Falcon Punch!!”, but thankfully there is a true purpose for hitting that exact spot. These “Nova Forms” have a stigma implanted in their chest that “controls” them to do the Nova’s bidding, and practically renders them invincible. Talk about H4X0Rz.


Anyways, the main point is, if another person destroys that stigma, the person supposedly returns back to normal without any injuries…except for a broken collarbone and a rib or two.

Freezing 11 Satellizer tells Kazuya to GTFO

Woah... Satella turns up the tsun...time for a cliche comeback!!!

Indeed, carrying on from the last episode, Satella overhears Kazuya talking about her to his friends and how she resembles his sister. So being really insecure as she is, Satella infers that Kazuya only likes her because then he can carry on his siscon. Oh how so wrong you are Satella! Kazuya likes you, but he’s just too dense to admit it (like most retarded protagonists in ecchi series). Anyways…Satella definitely turned up the tsun with that line…ah…I’d preferred to see Satella’s dere side anyday…moe~.


Freezing 11 Kazuya's comeback

The cliche comeback which turns Satella all dere dere...ah~

I had foreseen this. I had definitely had a deja vu or this was just too obvious that anybody could’ve guessed it. Anyways, on behalf of Kazuya, I do understand what it’s like to get misunderstood by an extremely tsundere senpai, but couldn’t he seriously have rephrased his comeback a little bit better. I mean, “Satella-senpai is an important person to me, who inherited my sister’s stigma”. If Satella wasn’t as emotionally vulnerable as she is, I’d just say Kazuya just changed the wording of what he had said originally. Not that I’m denying his love for Satella, but at least he could’ve come out with a better confession


Freezing 11 Satella's baptism determination

I wish I could date a girl like Satella...tell her some lame cliche line= getting laid?!

I can understand somewhat of a revelation for Satella, but she’s been so moved to the extent she wants to do the baptism?! For those of you out there who doesn’t get the “baptism” thing, it’s just the giving of stigmas from the Pandora to the Limiter, but in most cases, it’s an euphemism for great sex. I don’t get how those two could be tied together, but I do think giving stigmas is requires taking off clothes, but I didn’t think that it’d be that intense…


Anyways, compared to Infinite Stratos or Dragon Crisis!, I think Freezing’s episode 11 is the best compared to the rest of the pre-finale episodes out there. Certainly much more suspense and relevance to the actual plot line as well as evenly spaced out. Perhaps thats why Freezing was so rushed in the beginning so it could have a better ending? Meh. As far as similarities with the manga goes, I do have to say there are some differences, but I think they’re just prolonging some scenes and that’s why they’re saving the cake for the finale. Hopefully it won’t disappoint!


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