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Asu no Yoichi! in a nutshell

So, last night I decided to pick up a lighter series in comparison to Durarara!!, and indeed I did. I started off watching Asu no Yoichi! believing that it’s just another random ecchi harem anime, and to my surprise, it actually is. Okay, maybe that sounded a bit too harsh, but Asu no Yoichi! just seemed too mediocre to me…I don’t know if it’s because watching Durarara!! raised my expectations in anime, but Asu no Yoichi! just seemed a bit bland. Don’t get me wrong, there were some great laughs, but there were moments you really wished you could fast forward (I only didn’t because I didn’t want to miss out on any details).




That's what a real warrior's body looks like


Hmm…all you female readers out there, gaze upon this muscular physique our harem leader has. After training in the mountains everyday for 17 years (really?! Since he was born?!), Yoichi has managed to perfect his body into that of a bodybuilder. With that body and his supposed “coolness” when he holds a sword, Yoichi is a bishoujo killer! Anyways, as far as Yoichi’s character goes, he’s just your typical harem leader with special abilities that can pretty much take on every single opponent tossed at him. I think the reason why Asu no Yoichi! seemed so mediocre to me was because of Yoichi’s invincibility. Not that I’m a sadist, but it’s no fun when your main protagonist lacks any flaws, which hinders character development. To be fair, Yoichi does have some good parts about him, such as the running gag of him groping girls’ breasts or him falling on them in very suggestive positions.


Yoichi poster

Now there's a girl you'd be honored to call "Mai waifu"


So lets have a quick rundown of the harem leader’s whores ladies. The girl on the left with the voluptuous curves is none other than our beloved Ibuki-chan (Ibuki Ikaruga) who is an honors student and an assistant instructor at the Ikaruga house dojo. In the beginning, she thought Yoichi would be a stalwart warrior, but due to his unlucky (hey, it’s actually pretty lucky) circumstances, she changed her views of him into a useless, perverted, and rash warrior who looks really hot with a sword. Talk about being shallow. Regardless, Ibuki-chan takes care of her 3 sisters and Yoichi without a single complaint, therefore definitely a good candidate for being a “waifu”. On the right is Ibuki-chan’s tsundere sister, Ayame. Ayame is head over heels for Yoichi, but is too tsundere to admit it. Although she may be Ibuki-chan’s sister, her bust is relatively small (even smaller than their 10 year old sister, Kagome) and Ayame is highly insecure about it. Whenever Yoichi accidentally gropes her, Ayame always says: “Sorry for having such small breasts!! (TT_TT)”. Oh Ayame, if you weren’t so tsun and just confess, maybe you’d stand a chance against your curvaceous sister.


yoichi groping ayame...again

This is the summary of the interaction between Yoichi and Ayame...happens about every episode.


Anyways, the picture above shows the first time Ayame and Yoichi met. Just thought I’d like to point out that Yoichi’s first impression is of a rapacious molester, who at first, covers her mouth to avoid her screaming, and then proceeds to “accidentally” grope. Anyways, the scenes where Ayame being groped by Yoichi is a running gag and it’s pretty much a short summary of the physical contact the two have during the whole series. If Ayame actually thinks about it, she’s on the same level of physical intimacy with Yoichi…hmm maybe she wouldn’t feel so down then?


Love plan

The 2 other sisters...presents Ayame with a love tactic!


So here’s the 2 other sisters. The one on the right is Chihaya, who happens to be pretty much an otaku’s dream. I mean she’s got it all. The perversion, manga otakuness, oppai, and all around killer 3 sizes. Not to mention, she’s also a seductive meganekko. Although this is a harem anime, I’m not sure if she’s part of our harem leader’s entourage. There was one scene where she tries to seduce him, but… Anyways, Chihaya is the most kind person to Yoichi and is the only one who doesn’t hit him as Chihaya was saved from a couple of bullies at school by Yoichi. Moving on…to the left, is Kagome, the 10 year old sister in the Ikaruga household. Known to be not as athletic as her sisters, Kagome tries her best in making everyone happy by being a superb cook. On a side note, Kagome has bigger breasts than her older sister Ayame (which is totally impossible by anatomical regulations).



Yoichi, a true lover of oppai


After it’s revealed that Kagome has a ridiculous large oppai, Yoichi *again* “accidentally” faceplants in Kagome’s bust. How convenient. Ah well, we still all know who’s oppai he likes best *hint hint nudge nudge she wearing a frilly pink bikini*


people showing off boobs? duh.

Thanks Captain Obvious!


It’s okay Ayame-chan! I know friends who prefer the rather “flatter” bishoujos! You are not alone! Not everyone has a ridiculously killer body like your sisters Ibuki and Chihaya! Anyways, “showing off their boobs today” is technically a beach episode only phrase during  shows, but not for this show. I mean, even the school uniform emphasizes the area near the breasts! Jeez. Ah well, I still feel bad for Ayame because her bust is smaller than a 10 year old…*facepalm*


interesting line

Exactly. Where are you looking at?


Hmm…yes, you’re looking at the wrong place. In a battle, never stare at your opponent’s oppai. It’s a given fact! For all you To Aru Majutsu no Index II watchers out there, just go watch Touma and Tsuchimikado’s fight against Oriana. That should given you enough reason to not fight girls with killer curves and revealing outfits! Anyways, in case you HAVE to know, Angela isn’t the one who says that line, it’s actually Yoichi. Oh? I seemed to have forgotten to introduce Angela-chan. Angela uses the Tsubame Tenryu Ryouge martial arts style to battle Yoichi at first, but after he convinces her about “something”, then she starts to harbor feelings for Yoichi…I don’t think it gets communicated across though…


Woah S & M

Ibuki-chan, have you ever considered that Yoichi might be M?


Okay, first off, who carries a bokken with them to a beach episode? I understand if Yoichi does because he’s a “samurai” who’s been isolated from civilization since birth, but Ibuki-chan, a perfect woman, should have no excuse to bring such a dangerous weapon to a beach! Anyways, aside from that, I don’t think Ibuki-chan has ever considered that Yoichi actually enjoys getting beaten up? He’s totally “M”. If you hear the CV, you’ll hear sounds of pleasure after each *whack* he takes from Ibuki-chan. Regardless, if Ibuki-chan shows up in such a cute outfit and wants to hit me with a bokken, then please do so Ibuki-chan…ahnnnnnnn~.


Ikaruga sisters

The Ikaruga sisters...what a lovely and dynamic bunch!

Anyways, now that I’m pretty much done this post, I’ve remembered some pretty good moments of Asu no Yoichi and I think, it’s actually not as bad as I made it sound. The only reason why this show was seemingly so mediocre was probably because I watched Durarara!! which is probably one the best shows I’ve ever seen. Usually, I guess I would have written this post with much more praise because of my low expectations for ecchi harem comedies, but I guess DRRR!! just influenced me too much. If I’m confusing you, then basically what I’m saying is that, just go watch this series. You’ll have so much fun watching the episodes, but I will have to warn you that, don’t go looking for a significant central story line because there really kinda isn’t…so…just watch with low expectations and be shocked? Haha




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