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You can haz this awesome wallpaper

So as I’m sure all of you out there who are anime fans have seen the trademark Celty helmet or heard of the amazing anime, Durarara!!. At first, I was quite skeptical in watching it as it didn’t have “romance” as one of its genres and typically romance is a genre that I must have in an anime for it to be interesting to me. However, my views soon changed right after I watched the first couple of episodes. The type of “pull” that this show had on me was different from most other anime I’ve watched throughout the years. Durarara!! kept me guessing what would happen next, and the most surprising thing is that I got most things wrong, which just shows how unpredictable Durarara!! is.

Anyways here’s a picture of the full main character list:

Starting from left to right,

Simon Brezhnev: A black man from Russia, he barely speaks any Japanese and his job is to hand out sushi flyers for the sushi restaurant where he works at. Originally, I thought he was just going to be one of those annoying minor characters, but Simon soon became one of my favorite characters in the show. His “JAPONAIS” was far from perfect, but his immense strength in comparison to Shizuo Heiwajima  (Shizu-chan) was a pretty interesting contribution to the show’s overall appeal.

Namie Yagiri: Formerly the head of Yagiri Drug Manufacturing, she became the secretary for Izaya Orihara (Izaya-kun). She seems to have an intense brocon for her little brother Seiji Yagiri. Although well into her twenties, Izaya-kun considers her a beautiful woman.

Seiji Yagiri: The younger brother of Namie, Seiji is totally obsessed with Celty’s head, and after supposedly killing his stalker, Mika Harima, his sister takes Mika and tells Shinra Kishitani to give Mika plastic surgery to make her look like Celty. With that, Seiji thinks his sister attached Celty’s head to Mika’s body and thus has been spending a lot of “quality time” with “Celty + body”.

Masaomi Kida: BFFs with Mikado Ryugamine. A failure as a flirt, but nevertheless never gives up on the chase for bishoujos. Originally introduced as a flirty playboy, Masaomi’s backstory goes much darker than his appearance first gives off. He has a girlfriend named Saki Mikajima who is hospitalized due to a gang fight he was part of in back when he was in middle school. Although he realizes Mikado’s feelings for Anri, Masaomi also takes a liking for Anri as well, despite already having a girlfriend. He likes to comment on Anri’s “ero-ness” which makes Mikado get mad and Anri blush.

Anri Sonohara: A bishoujo with big knockers and totally meganekko, Anri is the subject of both Masaomi and Mikado’s love. Although she is aware of their affections, she doesn’t know how to return them. Anri’s parents were murdered by a “slasher” back when Anri was still a child, but the truth is revealed later on in the series…

Mikado Ryugamine: As Walker Yumasaki said, Mikado’s name sounds like a name of a protagonist right out of a manga series (ironic, right?). Anyways, Mikado is this timid main character that we have in Durarara!! that just recently moved to Ikebukuro and is BFFs with Masaomi and Anri. He is revealed later to be part of an important organization. Mikado seems to get along well with Celty as well.

Celty Sturluson: A Dullahan from Ireland and known as the “Headless Rider” on the streets of Ikebukuro. She rides a black motorcycle that doesn’t make any noise, except for the sound of a horse whinnying. Actually, the motorcycle is her horse. Her original purpose in Ikebukuro was to search for her stolen head, which she believes contains her memories that she lost a couple years ago. Surprisingly, she lives with Shinra Kishitani and they seem to have a romantic relationship with each other, but that is only fully acknowledged in the later half of the series. She is good friends with Shizu-chan, Mikado, and Anri. The most prominent attritbute that Celty has is her yellow motorcycle helmet that seems to have “cat ears” on top of it. Also, on a side note, Celty is afraid of extraterrestrials and traffic cops, despite being an immortal supernatural event herself.

Izaya Orihara: An informant that resides in Shinjuku, but comes to visit Ikebukuro often because of the gangs and the people he knows there. Being acquainted with Shinra and Shizu-chan since high school, he is friends with Shinra but is archenemies with Shizu-chan. He has said that he loves all human, except for Shizu-chan and on various occasions have tried to kill Shizu-chan. He is known as the mastermind behind a lot of events that takes places in Ikebukuro and definitely one of those smart badguys that you see in movies, but you have no proof that it is them until they admit it. He is the one who gave Shizuo Heiwajima the nickname Shizu-chan, much to Shizuo’s angst.

Shizuo Heiwajima: Affectionately known as Shizu-chan by Izaya-kun, Shizu-chan literally hates Izaya’s guts and the both have been fighting each other since high school. Originally a bartender, Shizu-chan also works as a bodyguard for the debt collector “Tom”. Definitely one of the best characters in the show, Shizu-chan has superhuman qualities such as being able to throw vending machines or use street signs as weapons. Also, much to Izaya-kun’s dismay, Shizu-chan is also very smart, which is quite in contrast with most “strong” characters in anime/mangas. Shizu-chan gets along with Celty very well and they usually have talks with each other alone about the struggles they have.

Shinra Kishitani: An underground “witch doctor” that does plastic surgeries, bullet removals, and all that type of stuff for Yakuza like people. He lives with Celty and they are involved in a romantic relationship. When he was a child, he found Celty stowaway-ing on a ship and after that, the two have been living with each other for about 20 years. In high school, Shinra was BFFs with Izaya-kun and Shizu-chan. He seems to know where Celty’s head is but doesn’t let her know for some reason…

Kyohei Kadota: Affectionately known as “Dotachin”, Dotachin was originally given that nickname by Izaya-kun and it has stuck with him since then. During the day, Dotachin works as a tile placer, and in the night, he usually chills with Walker, Erika, and Saburo. The 4 of them usually go driving around town looking for things to do or even sometimes saving people. Dotachin seems to be very well acquainted with gang politics and Masaomi.

Saburo Togusa: The driver of the van that Dotachin, Walker, and Erika hang out in, Saburo is extremely careful about his car and gets devastated when there’s even a small dent or scratch.

Erika Karisawa: One of the people that hangs out with Dotachin, Saburo, and Walker, Erika likes to read mangas and light novels. She, along with Walker, are both huge otakus and can be often found in a cheerful mood. Erika is a big fan of BL, especially her fantasized one between Shizu-chan and Izaya-kun

Walker Yumasaki: The fox-eyed otaku in Dotachin’s group, Walker is a huge otaku along with Erika. The two are usually regarded as people with odd personalities and are found to be doing nothing but reading manga/light novels.

Anyways, with the main cast done, I think it’s fair that I say that the cast of Durarara!! is a rather unique one. From kuudere lovers to headless moe-goddesses. What more can you ask?! I’m not going to spill the beans about Durarara!!’s story line as the unpredictability is what keeps the viewer’s interest, but I will tell you that you need to watch it…or Shizu-chan’s going to come after you with a vending machine.

Shizu-chan throwing post box



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