Dynomighty “In Flight” Tyvek Wallet

Anyways, as I’ve said before, I’ll be writing blog posts about interesting stuff that I come across in life, and not just solely on anime. A while back, I ordered these “Tyvek” wallets on the internet from Dynomighty after I heard a friend’s recommendation (actually, he’s my math teacher, cool right? (-_-)…). Anyways, I ordered a couple of them for some of my friends and my parents. So today, in the mail, I got these wallets (even though they’re like 2 weeks late…) and I’m totally ecstatic to start using them!

My Dynomighty Tyvex "In Flight" wallet

So, the wallet I’ll be using is called “In Flight”, as you can guess by the title of this post. The “In Flight” model of the wallet resembles a folded escape manual from an airplane and looks exactly like one. Had I not traveled via airplanes before, I’d be pretty convinced someone just literally took one of those manuals and folded it into a wallet. Anyways, you must be wondering what this “tyvek” material is. Tyvek is a sort of super strong microfiber “paper” that can be folded and is tear-proof. I literally tried ripping it as hard as I could (yes, they have warranty), but I found it to be useless. Also, I tried submerging the wallet in water, and the funny thing is that it didn’t get wet nor did it leak any water. Also, after getting dipped in water, the wallet’s resilience to tear didn’t decrease at all.

Anyways, as far this wallet’s usefulness goes, I’ll have to report on that later because I just got it today. I’ll be posting a status report about the wallet in a month or two. Also, I’m sorry I couldn’t include more images as the photo files from my camera is way too large…and I’m too lazy to wait like 5 minutes for a picture to upload…and I took a lot. Maybe if I find a way to make it smaller then I’ll do a repost…


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  1. nice work keep it up

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