Dragon Crisis!

Hmm…I might be a bit late coming out with this post, but I’d still like to discuss it!

Anyways, the first show to finish in the Winter 2011 season would probably be Dragon Crisis! (I think). I just recently watched the 12th episode…and pretty much things went according to my calculations. When I say that, I mean the show has literally been predictable all season. There wasn’t a single case where I couldn’t guess what was going to happen next. Talk about lack of originality & surprise. Anyways, I think Dragon Crisis! actually lived up the mediocrity it promised within the first few episodes, unlike that boring crap we’ve been seeing for almost 3 weeks straight.

That took a while

Yes it took Ryuuji-kun and Rose-chan 12 (13 because of the EQ) to finally have a F***ing kiss

Because of this show’s mediocrity, I don’t feel like writing a lot about it other than my thoughts. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear more about Dragon Crisis! anyways. Okay, so as I’ve said in the caption, it literally took Ryuuji and Rose to kiss after 12 weeks. It’s unbelievable how the show saves this “kiss” for the last episode and still call itself a romance anime. Not that the romance in the anime was that significant, but it was rather boring and lame…I don’t think this is a kids anime either, so a kiss is rather mediocre, like the rest of the show. Although this series was relatively “okay”, it had some good parts to it, such as the comedy and the occasional slice of life moment.


As far as the animation goes, I think it was actually one of the stronger aspects of this show. The character styling was definitely something I’ve not quite seen before, so I guess you could say it was somewhat original. I actually liked the attention they paid to the detail in each of the dragon’s eyes. That was pretty cool!

For the music, it was pretty awkward in terms of the OP/ED and the soundtrack. The OP almost seemed somewhat annoying, even though Yui Horie (my fav seiyuu singer) sang it, because of the first few lines of lyrics…I guess I just didn’t like the tune. Also, for the soundtrack, there were a couple of interesting pieces, but sometimes they were inserted perfectly, and sometimes they were completely a disaster. I’m not quite sure what to say about the OST, but let’s just say the good parts got canceled out by the extremely bad.

Dragon Crisis Ryuuji and Rose kiss

The moment we've all been waiting for...

Okay, maybe that was a bit too cliche, but I’m certain for some people, the moment they’ve been waiting for was actually the “The End” sign at the end of this episode. Anyways, please enjoy my spacebar pressing skills as the timing it took to take this picture was almost superhuman. It took me 5 tries….5 tries! It almost seemed as if they wanted to avoid the viewers from seeing what they were waiting for almost 12 weeks.


As for the characters themselves, I thought that some of the characters were unbelievably bland. Like seriously, how can you make best selling light novel characters into such boring and lifeless characters? It seems as if these were characters made from a script generator. Anways, I cannot express my disappoint at the lack of character detail the producers put in, so I’m just gonna not say anymore as that’d be a waste of my typing. Oh yeah, just on a side note, it’s pretty sad that my favorite characters were Bianca and Maruga, two of the most insignificant people in the show, but surprisingly no-BS. Cheers to unimportant supporting characters!

Ryuuji and Rose hold hands in class

Is that what kids should be doing in class?

As you can see from above, thats an example of what true high school (wait is it Middle school?…that’s how confusing Dragon Crisis! was…) kids should be doing at schools. Not having crazy sex in the equipment room or the locker rooms, but rather, just innocently holding hands in class. WHAT THE HELL?! Is this like a kids show? There were references to dissolving bikinis and plenty of oppai lovers!!! Anyways, I’m not sure if this was meant to promote safe high school relationships or what, but it seemed rather awkward. Not that it’s completely bad, but I think from some shoujo’s perspective, this could have been incredibly cute…(if the show had been like this the whole way through then it would have!)


So, I might seem like I’m making a big fuss on how retarded this show might be, but I’m certain that to some viewers, this show might actually have been quite good. Therefore, I’m not going to trample over someone’s feelings and say this show was an entire catastrophe. The only reason why I’m so negative about this show is because of the lack of explanation of things starting from the first episode. I could never have figured out what in the world is “Fang” or “Lost Precious” had I not used Google. It’s sad to think that such a popular light novel would become a blunder in anime. Anyways, to be fair, I’d say go have a watch at this show, but if it doesn’t fit your tastes (I daresay 80% at least), then drop it and save your time for a better show.

Also on another positive outlook for this show, I’ll starting picking up its light novel series to see just how pale in comparison the show was to the books.

Have fun watching!


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