Spring 2011 Season: Shows that I’ll be covering

So as you’ve all read my season preview post by now, you can all tell that there is a huge amount of Spring shows to choose from. Anyways, since AtaraShin isn’t purely an anime blog, I won’t be blogging about an episode each week about a show, but more like a summary of 2-3 weeks worth of episodes.

Okay, here’s the catch. Since I write weekly for Rabbit Poets (starting this & next week), I won’t be posting episodic “discussions” each week. This means, the only way you can see me blog each week on a certain series, you’d have to visit Rabbit Poets. Anyways, at Rabbit Poets, I’ll most likely be doing covering OreTsuba (check the Spring shows picture in the preview post if you don’t know)…but its not a decision I’ve fully made yet. Since I haven’t watched its first episode, I can’t say for certain on whether I’ll cover it or not. Also, there are some other shows I’d like to cover, but since I’m a new writer at Rabbit Poets, I’m only allowed 1 show per season. That means, whatever show that I want to cover and I don’t get to at Rabbit Poets, I’ll do a bi or triweekly thing here.

To cut to the chase:

@ Rabbit Poets:


@ AtaraShin:

Seikon no Qwaser II


30-sai no hoken taiiku

Denpa Onna

Hanasaku Iroha (probably just summary @ end with a first impressions)



And just in case you’re too lazy to go back and find the list…

Spring 2011 Season Shows

The shows and OVAs that will air during Spring 2011


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