Slow down in posts?

Okay, so as you’ve all probably in my “FAQ” and “About” pages, I said I wouldn’t be posting stuff everyday. In a sense, that’s completely true, but I still try my very best at providing readers with new posts each day, relevant or not. Anyways, in the next coming weeks and months, you’ll all notice that there’s going to start having huge time gaps (about 2-3 days) between each posts. This is because I simply cannot afford 1-2 hrs of my life watching anime, and then blogging.

Not giving up, just delayed. Charuru will be sad if I gave up.

So, instead of providing you all with an excuse to having gaps between my posts, I’m just saying that from here on out, there’ll be gaps. Anyways, I’ll still try my best to have a post each day!!!

Oh, but I’ll for sure be blogging about a series each week at Rabbit Poets. I won’t give up on that quite yet.

BTW. In the mean time, I’ll try to find a new writer who is probably someone I know, and likes anime & manga just about as much as I do.


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Venti cup of Tsundere and Imouto service. Free of charge. Student, Blogger, & アニメ青年 | なんでやねん?!|

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