Woah. I just watched the Freezing finale and all I can say is…WOAH!

As we all know, Freezing’s quality was rather up and down during the Winter 2011 season so it had lost a lot of viewers by the time the finale aired, so I’m sure most people who chose to keep on watching were surely pleased by Freezing’s finale.

I really wouldn't call that smiling...

Anyways, the start of the finale was pretty intense. Not that we didn’t already know who Chiffon was, but her introduction was rather scary. I mean…who addresses themselves as the “Smiling Monster”? Isn’t that ironic? It’s literally an oxymoron too. Smiling and monster just doesn’t really go together.

Now that's called taking one for the team

True to what the manga depicts, Ganessa literally gets sliced up in half. As much as  the love-hate relationship goes between Ganessa and me, I felt really bad when I saw Ganessa get cut up like that…but then she totally had to live up to her arrogant “ojou-sama” attitude and say that she had to protect the weaker “comrades”. What are you…Danny Choo?

Hugging crazed bitches is totally the smartest idea ever.

Despite how lovely dovey Satella-senpai gets when Kazuya has skinship with her, the moment presented in the picture probably wasn’t the best time for Kazuya to show some love…Like, Satella was literally going on a killing rampage and you think a hug will be enough to tame her? Bold Kazuya, bold.

Andre, always prepared to "service" his Senpai

I know that most people only care about the voluptuous Pandoras in this show, so I decided to focus on a Limiter that deemed worthy of my mention. Anyways, as I’ve been observing the past few episodes, I’ve noticed that Andre is like the perfect guy. No complaints and always ready to go. Did I mention his Pandora is Elizabeth? Anyways, such a classy Limiter can only be paired up with extreme “ojou-sama” Elizabeth. He’s truly a real man.

So you don't care if you're nude right?

Anyways, as with most finales, we get these moments when some character is hallucinating in their own “world”. Although I generally enjoyed this episode, I was fairly displeased with these “moments”. I just thought it was way too cliche and BS to include this scene…

Kazuya's Freezing makes all the girls orgy. Nice.

Now after seeing this scene, I’m even more envious of this young man here called Kazuya. Not only does he realize that there 2 are two women with godly figures going after him, but he doesn’t notice that he has the power to literally make all the gorgeous ladies around him orgy. Like, what gives? This just isn’t fair! I mean, he’s only a year younger than me, so why should he get all the benefits…what an asshole. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t mind seeing Elizabeth’s “dere” expression anyday 😀

So do I Rana, so do I...

Because Rana’s CV is Hanazawa Kana, her “I feel so warm and fuzzy” line just made Rana’s character go up 100X the moe level. I’m not sure if you guys know this, but Rana’s CV (Hanazawa Kana) is also the CV for Charlotte Dunois in Infinite Stratos *Ichiki no echi~~~* . Ah well, despite not liking Rana’s character design, I wouldn’t mind hearing Hanazawa Kana say that line. I’d just have to imagine it was Charlotte saying it though…

I wonder how much blood I would lose compared to Kazuya...

Uhm…I think having a slight trickle is actually quite insulting, but hey, we are talking about lucky boy Kazuya here. With a sister that has an amazing figure, I guess to him, Satella just seems like the norm. Anyways, this definitely shows that Kazuya has some sort of feelings for his [dear] Satella-senpai

Real subtle Satella, real subtle

LOL?! DID SATELLA JUST SAY ONE OF THE CLASSIC LINES OF “HEY LETS HAVE CRAZY FIRST-TIMER SEX IN MY ROOM LATER”? ROFL! Knowing how dense Kazuya is, I didn’t really expect an reaction out of him, but I was surprised the other characters in the room didn’t pick up on that. I mean, what would a girl with a stunning figure do when she asks for you to come to her room late at night? Play monopoly? Of course!

What happened to the sex? Satella, baptism doesn't mean sex you know?

Ah whatever, who cares what Satella says. We all know that she meant sex. At least…thats how I interpreted it… 😀

A.C.G.T. sure knows how to please its fans

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the view. On an interesting side note, did anyone else notice that Satella always wears the same pair of underwear & bra? Talk about poor hygiene.

That does it. No more fanservice. My brain will be fried if I keep on going!

Screw my brain! I wanna see more! Actually, no I don’t wanna see more, but rather, I’d like to hear more of Hanazawa Kana’s melodious voice. It’s just too moe! Ah well, if only Charlotte from Infinite Stratos said that…mmmm

Season 2?!

No, I have absolutely no idea whether there will be a season 2 or not, but there is enough manga content for the producers to being the works.

Anyways, now that I’m done my long picture slideshow, you get to read my long rant about Freezing.

For the story line of Freezing, it was rather simple to follow and pretty original, even though the minor details and main base wasn’t. As for how it was carried out, the process was very disappointing. There were parts in the series when things progressed really slowly and then parts when it seemed that everything was fast forward. Therefore, there was a lot of details that was skipped, which I think was very detrimental to the overall quality of the show. I think the slow-fast changes during the course of this series is the reason why most people stopped watching the show, even if they did like the manga.

The characters in Freezing were rather dynamic. Some were pretty bland, but most of them were interesting to watch. Strangely, even though there was a large cast, I managed to remember most of the names of the characters, mainly because the characters were given a decent introduction and had a reasonable amount of airtime. What I didn’t like was that some of the characters seemed as “fodder”, people that were expendable and generally irrelevant to the story line. Overall, the quality of the characters were great.

As for the sound, it was rather good. I really liked the OP/ED, but mainly the OP. Did you know the OP was originally sang by Miku Hatsune?! Cool right? Anyways, the OST was generally acceptable, but not a lot of variation in the music was involved. However, I do like how they inserted each OST into matching “moods”, therefore the music sounded perfectly in sync to what was going on. Definitely a plus for the show.

Now, one of the biggest controversies of this show was the genres. Although Freezing is known as a series heavily based on ecchi, the gore part to the series just didn’t mix well. Freezing gave off a feel as if watching hot babes getting sliced and diced was supposed to turn you on, but really, it didn’t. I don’t think most people are sadist enough to find the fighting scenes erotic. Aside from the battle scenes, the ecchi was acceptable, but there were time when I thought it was being overused. It almost seemed as if the only attraction the producers relied on to get more viewers was to up the show’s ecchiness. Definitely not a good idea especially when it’s mixed with intense gore. If you want an example of how gore and ecchi is done right, check out Highschool of the Dead.

Anyways, Freezing has been a pleasure for me to watch and I’ll probably watch it more than once over the course of the next few years. Despite it’s rather low ratings, I still think Freezing is one of my favorite [series], so I think I’ll be deviating from the norm in that aspect. For those who are Freezing faithful, I bet you guys are waiting for a more improved 2nd season, judging by the highly suggestive picture I posted. Anyways, I’ll miss Freezing for the time being!

I'll miss y'all! Come back soon, k?!



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