A riveting tale…on why you shouldn’t rely on other people

Okay, this probably comes off as the most cliche line in the world of anime and manga, but individualism is probably the best thing you’ve ever heard. Not that I’m saying “don’t get husbands/wives”, but rather, when you have a high school project to do, please don’t pair up with someone else.

Why have I come such a sudden conclusion? Well, here’s a riveting tale for you to consider about a boy named Pablo and his friend Don Panini:

Pablo and Don Panini were in the same Spanish 11 AP class. They got along most of the times, but they had their arguments. During one of their recent Spanish classes, their teacher, assigned everybody a project to do. Thinking that two brains were better than one, Pablo and Don Panini decided to pair up and work as a group.

After a few days, the deadline of the project had arrived. Having forgotten about the project entirely, Don Panini and Pablo decided to get their act together and finish it ASAP. Prior to leaving the school to go home, Don Panini promised Pablo that Don Panini would email him the contents of their project to Pablo by midnight.

Being a very nice guy, Pablo waited till midnight, but nothing appeared in his inbox. Despite it already being past when Don Panini said that he would email him the project, Pablo decided to wait till 2AM, just in case Don Panini was caught in some other work.

By 2AM, Pablo received a message from Don Panini on facebook, saying that Don Panini just started working on the project and would send the project contents by 6AM. So, being as patient as he could be, Pablo decided to wait till 6AM, just in case Don Panini would send the stuff before that time. Before Pablo had noticed, it was already 7AM, yet nothing had shown up in his inbox. Furious with Don Panini at his lack of keeping promises, Pablo ragequitted and stabbed Don Panini to death at school that day.

Okay, that might’ve been a stretch, but think of me as Pablo. I didn’t really get to go to school, because I came down with a massive crash/migrane after 3 cans of Monster Energy Drink. So the moral is, I should’ve just done the Spanish project myself, instead of relying on that douchebag of a friend Don Panini.

The moral for you is, never rely on anyone. Ever. EVER!!!

Oh in case you still don’t get my message, just go watch Hanasaku Iroha 02.

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