Winter 2011 Trends

Okay with the Winter 2011 almost ending, I’d just like to discuss some trends that I noticed as I watching some of the shows.

Light Novels:

No matter what you say, there were certainly more anime based on light novels than before. Shows such as Infinite Stratos and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? are perfect examples of what I mean. Not that I’m saying light novels are bad, but I just noticed there was a small trend going on

Mahou Shoujo:

Have you seen Madoka yet? Well that show is entirely about Mahou Shoujos. Guess what. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? also has a lot of Mahou Shoujos. How Mahou Shoujo can it get for the Winter 2011 season?

Guys living with a LOT of girls:

Lets see, Freezing had Limiters with a lot Pandoras to choose from. The ratio was roughly like 1 to 5. In Infinite Stratos, Ichika is the only male in the world who’s an IS pilot, so at IS Academy, his ratio to girls is like…one to a couple hundred. Not fair. Or, in KoreZom, Ayumu lives with literally 3 bishoujos and draws the ire of his male friends.

Girls are more powerful than men:

Not that I’m sexist towards women being stronger than men, but during Winter 2011 season, the action has been nothing but about women. Lets see, in IS, only girls can pilot the IS, with exception to Ichika. In Freezing, all the Pandora are girls, and they all have legit volt weapons. In KoreZom, Ayumu is just a zombie but his bishoujo friends are masou shoujo, kyuuketsu ninjia, and necromancer. What is this?

Anyways, that concludes just a little list of trends that I’ve noticed throughout the Winter 2011 season. Hopefully I’ll get to do one for the Spring 2011 season, but we’ll see! Oh, and stay tuned for a retrospective Winter 2011 post soon!


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