Ishihara Shintaro says: “No Ero-Manga/Anime For You!”

No more 2D pantsu and nipples for you!

So dear fellows, I’m sure by now, the news of Ishihara’s ero-manga ban has now been put in place and the first round of ero-manga has already been K.O-ed. By K.O, I meant that these ero-manga have now been flagged as “for readers ages 18+” and are permanently flagged as hentai content. Not that these mangas don’t contain any graphic scenes, but the fact that the only thing closest to genitals being displayed are nipples, which we’ve been seeing a lot of in recent anime and manga. The fact that nipples have been displayed in manga is an old tradition. This ban being imposed just on the basis that nipples are shown seems almost incredulous. However, that’s not the full story. These ero-manga, do not only just contain nipple exposure, but disturbing plot devices such as lolicon, rape, and even incest. Not the usual type of manga you would find in Shonen Jump, now is it? Well then, you might answer: “lolicon has been a crucial part of some manga series as of today, and it would be a shame to consider that as a factor to ban the manga”. Well actually, the ero-manga’s lolicon is far worse than that of what you would find in an manga such as To Love-Ru. Instead, it basically depicts a seinen in his 20s having a “wife” in elementary school (you can imagine the rest). Now, on the contrary to most anime/manga fans, I’m totally for this idea. I certainly wouldn’t mind ero-manga such as “Aki-Sora “or “My Wife is an Elementary Schooler” to be flagged as hentai; however, I don’t appreciate Ishihara’s public defamation of ero-manga. Doesn’t Ishihara know that ero-manga is a large section of annual manga sales? Not cool.

On the anime frontier, nothing has been banned as of yet; however we can see some extent of the ban’s effect. Ero-anime such as Seikon no Qwaser II (currently airing) has become much more heavily censored in the recent episode compared with the previous 5 that has aired. Not that I can’t live without ecchi like Etchimango, but I just thought that taking the ero out of an ero-anime kind of destroys the purpose in watching that show. Not that Seikon no Qwaser II lacks a good story, but the reason why the Qwaser series is mainly known for is its excessive fanservice. Taking that fanservice out  will be bascially taking out 2/3 of the show. Not a good move.

Overall, I’m not against Ishihara’s “ban” on ero-manga/anime. However, I’m not a big fan of the methods he’s imposing these bans. Ishihara shouldn’t be going around on national television stating that “Because of the tsunami, the anime expo has been affected. They deserved it” that type of bullshit. Also, instead of going around publicly saying that ero-manga/anime is bad, he should have just imposed the “ban”, and went on with it smoothly, instead of groveling and promoting his “ban”. On a side note, I’m not sure if he’s aware of the damages he’s causing to the manga/anime industry. I know that certain teenagers buy ero-manga/anime underage, which means that a certain amount of income will be cut off if the items are flagged as adult-only and sold in adult hentai shops. Not smooth Ishihara, not smooth.


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  1. NO. NO. NO. IT CAN’T BE. NO!

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