Etchimango’s loot from Japan

Here is pictures of all my loot from Japan. I am hoping for it to increase in quantity and quality. (You will have to excuse me for the picture quality because I have yet to get a better camera)

Recently received:

1/8 Mio Akiyama PVC Campus Festival Version

Front View

Side View

Back view.

Beautiful isn’t it? Well I think so. Very much alike my Mio in the anime. Every time I look at this figurine, I always make that kind of face you see when Otakus yell at their screen screaming out MOE MOE MOE!!!

Charlotte Dunoa T-Shirt and Laura Bodewig T-Shirt




Now I can wear it with pride in public. With this I can charge out into society shouting out “I LIKE IS: INFINITE STRATOS”

*Sabishii’s Corner*: Please don’t wear it in public and give bad rep to the shirt!


1/8 Black Rock Shooter Animation Version PVC


I keep looking at her butt… its some what nice. I wish the face was a bit different though it kind of coldly stares at you, but that what makes it good as well.

*Sabishii’s Corner*: Yeah you would look at her derrier. After all, you are the ecchi specialist

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter



Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Absolute HMO Edition and Nendoroid Luka Megurine


Also changeable


And for Gundam fans

1/100 MG XXXG-01W Wing Gundam EW Ver.
* Didn’t do decals because I didn’t have enough time.


Took at least 12-14 hours to make. Master Grade has too many small pieces, it gets tiring and you sometimes get really pissed off when you break a crucial piece.

*Sabishii’s Corner*: Don’t you use tools? There’s no reason why you should be breaking crucial pieces if you are.

1/100 Seravee Gundam Designer’s Color Ver.
* No decals for the same reason.


{Much simpler, but so fat.}

That is all for now~ (More will be added soon… Bwahahahahaha.)


Random Share: (Umisho Manga)


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