I forgot to hang up the “away for the month” sign

Yeah. Exactly what the title means.

Hey, but this doesn’t actually mean that I’ve been off the nets for a month. While I was busy NOT adding anything to AtaraShin for July, I’ve been busy blogging weekly for RabbitPoets. In fact, I have a lot of new posts that’s coming out. I’ll post the hotlinks later, day by day ^^.

Anyways, I’d just like to apologize to the 100 regular visitors to our site for the lack of content for an ENTIRE month. I’d also apologize that in the coming months, there will also be a lack of sufficeint activity on AtaraShin.

To make up for all this procrastination and douchebaggery, I’ll try my best in the next few days to post things.

If you just miss me and Etchimango, you can visit his blog @ etchimango.wordpress.com or you can always pop by http://www.rabbitpoets.com to check out my episodic posts (you don’t really have to, cuz I always hotlink the article on AtaraShin anyways).

So as the first step to adding something good on AtaraShin, here you go:

I know y'all like this kind of stuff.

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Venti cup of Tsundere and Imouto service. Free of charge. Student, Blogger, & アニメ青年 | なんでやねん?!|

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  1. Yes I do like that kind of stuff. Which anime is that?

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