Who the hell am I?

I’m SabishiiMiruku and I’m a teenage male living in Amegakure*, Canada. I go by the handle name SabishiiMiruku, because I wanted to have an original username on the net. I thought of this name because I just so happened to be watching To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and the scene was pretty sad while a character was gulping down a carton of milk. Excellent inspiration, eh? ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ.

Inspiration win?!

Anyways, if you’ve heard about me on the net, it’s probably either through Twitter or Rabbit Poets. Currently, I’m one of the writers, so I guess faithful RP readers will  know me better. As for Twitter, I’m probably that spammer who tweets every now and then about his life. Also, if you guys have heard the name “Donutsonfire” around the net, that’s my other handle name, which I’ve ditched in favor of a more succinct & meaningful name. Just me or do all my handle names have to do with food?

Oh, and another point, I’m also one of the head editors/administrators for the Highschool of the Dead Wikia page, and you can find us here: http://bit.ly/hKMOv4 . My handle name there is “Donutsonfire”.

* In case you are wondering if Amegakure is an actual place, it’s not [you tool]. Instead, if you understand Amegakure’s weather from Naruto, you can pretty much guess which city I live in in Canada. Very convenient for y’all stalkers out there.

What is Atarashii Shinryakusha?

Strictly speaking Atarashii Shinryakusha (AtaraShin) was created solely for the purpose so I can rant about life and anime. Little did I know, this side distraction to my IRL events could turn out to become such a major part of me.

At the beginning, AtaraShin was more or less an “experiment” or rather, a foothold I can get in the blogosphere. I’ve always dreamed about being a person who writes on the internet and getting internet fame, so I thought, “hey, why not give this a try?”.

After a couple weeks of AtaraShin’s creation, I started to get more and more serious about the blog, and eventually, AtaraShin became one of those small stars in the galaxy that people occasionally point out and say “OMG!”. However, despite AtaraShin’s small amount of readers, I decided to persevere and continue forwards.

Before I knew it, AtaraShin no longer became “that blog I rant on”, but rather, the place where I can talk about things I truly enjoy in this world. Soon after I got a position to write for RabbitPoets, I managed to acquire EtchiMango, a close family friend of mine, to write with  me. Although he doesn’t post a lot, he makes AtaraShin feel more “crowded” in a sense.

So now that we’ve gotten AtaraShin to a good start, we’ve truly started making a name for ourselves and for AtaraShin in the blogosphere. Despite our fervor, we might get distracted sometimes or even leave the blog sitting empty at times (like July 2011), but deep down, we really want to write more. It’s just we might not get the time to~


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