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Bakemonogatari: First, Middle, and Final Impressions

Alright here we go! New format to blog posts!

So…I’m actually quite amazed by what I’ve just watched. Bakemonogatari was certainly an anime that will become an instant “hall of famer” in my books. To tell you the truth, I actually only watched the first 4 episode of Bakemonogatari before I got stalled, and I just recently decided to complete the series. Not that because it was boring or anything, I just didn’t have the time to finish it originally, and eventually I forgot about it.

First Impressions

Anyways, my first impressions of the show was definitely a positive one. I’ve yet to see an anime that was animated in such an original way. By that, I mean that this type of animation will be something that you’ve never seen before.

As for the characters, they do lack a bit of background, but generally I was able to catch up on that as I continued to watch through the first few episodes. Not that the characters were incredibly original, but there was something to them that seemed to give them “life”. Definitely very good characters!

Also, aside from the spectacular characters, the story line was simply outstanding. The way that the author put in the word play was just absolutely genius. I have yet to encounter such a intellectual anime as of yet

Middle Impressions

As the story progressed and in the middle, there seems to be a couple of super-slow paced arcs that were rather mediocre compared to the first arc. Not that it wasn’t interesting, it just wasn’t as appealing to me as the Senjougahara arcs. Maybe it was because of the lack of Senjougahara that made it not as interesting? Still, definitely a very good anime

Final Impressions

This anime has been nothing short of pure awesomeness. Just look at the ratings on Anime Planet or My Anime List. I’m sure this will be a favorite for many people across the world. I just wished I had finished this show when it was airing so there would be more discussions open. Anyways, I love how the final arc was such a large climax! Although I guessed that Hanekawa was in love with Araragi since the beginning of the show, I just didn’t know it would be revealed officially in such a grand fashion. Definitely some good planning by the producers. Having watched the final arc, I have to say that Bakemonogatari was one of the few episodes that kept my interests until the very end. I actually can’t believe how much I’ve fallen for Bakemonogatari. Too bad there won’t be a second season though…except there will be a “prequel” called Kizumonogatari (I think that’s what it’s called).

So, all in all, this will be an anime that appeals to all type of anime watchers. Whether you are into romance, comedy, mystery, or even ecchi, I’m sure you’ll find Bakemonogatari to be one of the best shows you’ve ever watched. To tell you the truth, I’ve never been so amazed by an anime that I’m at a loss for words. Not even Durarara!! matches the quality found in Bakemonogatari. Definitely a rewatch for me in the years to come!