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Woah! Sequel & Extra Announced!

Hey guys!

Remember back in Winter 2011 we had  shows called Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? and Infinite Stratos?

Well here’s some good news for the fans of both shows.

For KoreZom, it has been announced that a second season has been green lit, which basically means that it’s already in production

More info @:

As for Infinite Stratos, apparently it is getting an encore (OVA?) video in the October release of the DVD/BD volume. I’ll certainly be looking forward to that!

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Infinite Stratos

So aside from Freezing, Infinite Stratos is another one of my favorite shows this season. Despite their negative reviews in North America, the two shows are actually quite popular in Japan (according to Newtype’s rankings).

Anyways, regardless of positive or negative reviews, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Infinite Stratos, the ecchi, harem, sci-fi, action, and romance series, so I’m not going to talk about the background (partially…wait no…80% because I’m lazy).

who is that?

Ride on into the sunset!!!...or not...damn IS.

Okay, seeing how most of you won’t read this post unless you’ve seen some parts of IS, so I’m going to assume that you’ve all watched the whole thing as well. Anyways, does anyone remember the valkyrie trace system that was implanted on Laura’s IS and eventually turned Laura and her IS into a copy of Chifuyu? Well…that person in the sunset looks hella like it. In fact, about a couple of seconds later, we do get to see the back view of this person, and the hair exactly resembles that style that Chifuyu has. Tricky.

Yup, that must be Chifuyu-nee! come she gets such a cool helmet?

Now I DEFINITELY confirm that’s Chifuyu. There’s no doubt about it. Also…I was quite surprised I took a screenshot of this…seems pretty irrevelant 😀

Cecilia's become so irrelevant she even has to state her location so we won't forget her existence...

Anyways, this is a picture from one of the battle scenes. As I was watching the battle scene between Ichika & whores ladies, I was carefully scrutinizing for any similarities to the opening battle from the first episode. To my utmost surprise, IT WAS! I’m not sure if you’re getting the feel of sarcasm, but you should. Anyways, at least they did that scene quite well and it blended in perfectly. Gotta say I loved the combat scenes in this one…compared to the lackluster NewType communication in IS 11. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering if I’ll have more photos of the combat scenes, I won’t. This is because that scene really is sort of a treat and I don’t really wanna spoil it for whoever that hasn’t watched the episode yet…


No, seriously speaking, whoever that is, it might be a grand plan, but if you were a genius, you’d realized Ichika is a failure at life. Anyways, I’ll leave whoever haven’t watched this episode to guess who are the people talking in the scene. For the people who have watched this episode, I’m just going to say that, that line is a LIEEEEEEE! Pretty much (insert carrot shuttle maker & IS maker name here) could have gone with a classical “OBJECTION!”, but I’m surprised that didn’t happen. Whatever it was, the next part to that scene explained a hell lot…yes?

Nobody lacks as much common sense or is as dense as you are Ichika.

For this scene…I took a hell lot of pictures. Not that I’m a total Houki fan, but this scene was definitely the main focus of this episode…I mean…they even put up a Houki bikini shot in episode 12’s preview @ the end of episode 11. Anyways, Ichika is as dumb as usual…because of many reasons. Firstly, no one wants to swim that late at night. Secondly, swimming that late at night is very dangerous due to visibility and high tides. Thirdly, I’m sure she’d much rather go skinny dipping with you instead of actually “swimming”. Sheesh.

On a side note…please tell me which non-slutty girl would wear her bikini bottom that LOW (buttcrack. Nice view), let alone buy a bikini bottom that looks like it’s barely there. I think the producers are trying TOO hard to get our blood pumping without any concern of how normal people would act.

Try telling that to the warm blooded anime watching male population

Ah well…if you do take note of the mechanics behind that line, Houki still wants Ichika to drool as he admires her physique, but not too much that it becomes ridiculously awkward. Too bad Ichika didn’t pick up on that. As for the male viewers, I’m pretty sure by the time you heard Houki’s voice your eyes were basically glued to your monitors, right? With such a voluptuous figure, it’s pretty damn hard not to “watch too closely”. Anyways, not that I’ve played any eroge in my life yet, this sounds like one of those cliche female-about-to-get-laid lines…


TOUCHDOWN BABY!. Wait, that’s such an ambiguous comment, eh? See, it can be TOUCHDOWN I FINALLY TOUCHED HER “MILLET DUMPLINGS”, or TOUCH DOWN as in, touch just slightly a bit lower…Anyways, how can Ichika not consider Houki as a woman? That’s like one of those rhetorical questions when you ask an Asian person, “Hey are you good at math?”. Anyways, as I’ve said before, this just sounds too eroge-ish…I wonder if they will really have what we call “Sex on the beach”. Hey, actually. I’m serious. They could have “sex on the beach”. There was a small bar that they had to walk past to get to the beach…so they could just order one from there. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? GET YOUR MINDS OUTTTA THE GUTTER!

RAGING in 3...2...1...0.5...(nah at least I like Houki...just a bit though...)

So I was right. It did lead up to something romantic. Anyways, I’m sure most fans are raging by now because it wasn’t either Charlotte, Laura, Rin, or Cecilia. In fact, I’m raging a bit too because it didn’t turn out to be Charlotte. Then again, the balance between all the girls has been one of the most appealing aspects of this show (I’ll discuss later). Oh yeah, before you guys Alt+F4 because you saw this picture…just hold your horses.

What did I tell ya?

So…from that far view…it looked like they kissed, but in actuality, Ichika was stopped by Blue Tears. Go go go Cecilia! Now I like Cecilia even more! Haha!

Laura preaze, it's not the first day you found out Ichika was really pathetic

No, to be honest, Ichika doesn’t have any awareness for anything. I mean, you have a girl who kisses you in front of a class, calls you her “wife”, yet you don’t realize she has feelings for you? Or, some girl who tells you to feed her and basically goes to an onsen with you to have your back rubbed by her goods, and confess to you that she’s only staying @ IS Gakuen because of her love for you. Or, she basically asks you out for dinner, lets you even apply lotion on her, and wears a “thong” just to go to your room. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ICHIKA?! A well…at least he’s doing a good job of being a harem leader 😀


Ah…*wipes tears from eyes*, it’s been a good run, IS that is :D. Although there were some highs and lows, I still love IS.

Okay, now onto the usual boring text part.

So, for the story line of IS, it was generally good because it was an adaptation from the first 3 novels of a light novel series. Here’s the catch. Even though it was adapted, the story line was rushed in some parts and totally lax in others. It seems as the speed of plot development was really uneven and unorganized. I think that’s what put off most potential viewers. I’m sure if y’all had read the light novels, you’d understand more of what’s going on.

Now, this is the best part about IS. In most harem shows, there tends to be one certain “favored” character that the harem leader chooses to prey on. Here in IS, it’s a true harem shows as in, about each girl gets the same amount of action from the lead. What I mean by “action” is like the kiss & nude wrestle from Laura, nude bathing together and back massage via breasts from Charlotte, breast fondling and 99% almost-there kiss from Houki. I do have to admit that Cecilia and Rin were kind of left out, but hey, they were still great bonuses to the show!

As for the music, I thought the OP/ED was generally good. Not “spectacular”, but generally pleasing to listen to. What I did think, was that the ED was surprisingly addictive, but it was only just certain parts of the song, so I couldn’t really call it a “fave”. Also, the OST was pretty good as well. Some good inserts to serious scenes, but lack of variation kind of made it bland. I don’t get it but whats with the “generally good” OSTs for anime in the Winter 2011 anime?…seems to be trending a lot…

Hmm…the animation was also another focus of this show. I actually found the animation to be okay, but what put me off is that it reminded me of the animation from kiddie shows like Transformers…I guess it was pretty smooth in most parts, but there were some scenes that it did seem awkward.

All in all, IS is definitely going down in my books as a favorite, despite poor NA ratings. As for all you IS buffs out there, lets pray that there will be a longer, better, more evenly spaced out season 2! I’m not sure what a potential 2nd season would be about since I only own up to the 3rd volume in the light novel series. Anyways, I’ll miss you IS!!!


P.S. Since most shows are ending recently and I’m crammed with schoolwork, there’ll only probably be a post each day, thus shows that probably ended a week earlier will be blogged about 3-4 days later.