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K-ON! First Impressions

So on Wednesday, I’ve officially decided to pick up K-ON!, the popular girls rock band anime. I know it’s a bit late considering how long ago this show came out, but I just recently cleared out a long list of anime I had to watch on my PTW list. Anyways, I had originally totally objected to watching this anime as I thought it would be one of those lolicon shows for otakus, which I think I’m still partially correct. Other than that, it’s actually not that bad.

Main characters san Ritsu (& 1 more yet to be revealed)

Okay, so I’ll give a rundown of what I think about the characters:


Hirasawa Yui: Okay, seeing how she’s super popular, I’m going to discuss her first. Starting off, I’ll just say I refuse to conform to my fellow anime blogging peers and say how much I love Yui. In fact, to be honest, I totally hate Yui. It’s exactly as what Ritsu said about her, Yui is completely off tempo and clumsy. Not only is Yui ridiculously clumsy, she’s ridiculously pathetic by a high school student’s standards. Paired with her CV, Yui sounds perfectly like that airhearded dimwit person in your high school class who literally fails at life. By now, you must be wondering about why I hate Yui so much, and I’ll explain. I absolutely hate girls who are of Yui’s type and I cannot stand them at all. Therefore, please bear with my Yui hate.

Tainaka Ritsu: Definitely one of the most diverse main characters I’ve seen in a while. You don’t often see the more tomboyish female main characters, so I thought Ritsu’s character was actually quite refreshing. Regardless if I’ll continue to like her later on in the show, I’m actually pretty happy to see some originality in the character personality choices by Kakifly-sensei.

Akiyama Mio: Okay, right off the bat, I could tell Mio would probably be my favorite character from K-ON! along with Tsumugi. The composed, intelligent type of girl is the ideal high school girl that most guys would want to date. Judging by her fanbase on the net, I’m guessing pretty much everyone likes her as well. I’m not sure if her CV is the one singing the ED, but if so, then that’s some pretty good singing, especially for a CV. I’ll be looking forward to her airtime during the show!

Kotobuki Tsumugi: Woah. I didn’t think Tsumugi would be Japanese. Based on my judgment from her blonde hair, I thought she would be a gaijin. Guess I was wrong. Being ladylike and soft, I’m sure Tsumugi will be another favorite of mine during this show. Is it a coincidence that I only prefer the long-haired girls in the show? Maybe. Anyways, she’s definitely a pretty fun character to watch for sure.

So for to wrap up the character discussion,  I think pretty much all the characters are diverse and thus, will provide a good character list for the show. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the characters in the show, Yui included. Definitely good casting for the CVs as well!

Anyways, K-ON! is entirely about music right? So far, the music has been quite good, especially the ED in my opinion. I think judging by the first episode, the rest of the OST will be pretty good as well! I might as well just go DL the OST and OP/ED, but if it really turns out great, I might even buy it!

Lol, because I always schedule these posts at midnight, you guys might not realize I actually write these posts at like 3:30 AM on some random day. Thus, I’m probably slightly deranged and easily bothered by annoying characters (Yui, please). Also I’ll  probably be extremely lazy to take snapshots from the video, thus you’ll only get about 1-2 shots. Sorry for the lack of photos, but I’m not sorry for the biased writing (^_^).

LOL moment of the episode.

Yeah, this was probably the best scene of the episode for me. Mainly because Yui wasn’t in it and I basically LMAOd. Of course, the focus in this picture is Mio-chan! Hehe!


Anyways good night folks (actually, good morning)! Stay tuned for the final discussion after a few days!