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Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Some Thoughts

Shoujo, not that bad a genre actually...

Hurray! I am back from my Doctor Who Marathon, and I just want to say it was awesome! Any who lets get on to the more important topic at hand.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama was perhaps one of the best animes I have watched so far this year. Even though it has just reached halfway.

I love how “Tsundere” Misaki-chan was~

She was so cold hearted to Usui till near the end where she was all Lovey-dovey ❤

Sabishii: Etchimango did tell me to post a picture of "them" kissing...I wonder if I got it right?

Sabshii: JK, I know what Etchimango wants me to post XD (^_^)

Now that's romantic!

My favorite episode was probably the last one because Misaki finally shows her true feelings for Usui. I couldn’t refrain myself from eyeballing the screen.

What I probably want to do right now just because of this anime is buy a lot of Maid/Misaki stuff. 🙂

I couldn’t help drooling and shouting out MOE MOE MOE at my screen and I just wanted more. So thats why I went out of my way to read the manga which happens to be just as good! 🙂

*Sabishii’s Corner*: To tell y’all the truth, I didn’t know Maid-Sama! was a shoujo anime until…20 episodes into the show. Yeah I know I pick these things up a bit too slow, but that explains the lack of fast character and plot development. Because I like watching shows that evolve at a faster pace, Maid-Sama! was rather a “slow” show for me. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but Maid-Sama! certainly had me bored at some points in time.

As readers from my posts @ Rabbit Poets might know, I have very peculiar tastes, therefore I actually found this shoujo anime quite appealing. The only reason why I didn’t think it would be a shoujo anime is because of the “maid-cafe” premise. So confusing jeez!

In general, I loved the characters of the show and each had a peculiar “feel” about them that gave them depth and made them interesting to watch. However,  Misa’s constant denial for her feelings for Usui got somewhat annoying near the end, and it actually made me doubt what would happen, even though the opening pretty much spoils the whole point of the finale. Regardless of what I say, Maid-Sama! certainly finished with a bang (metaphroically and referring to the fireworks in the kissing background). Even though it’s been ages since I finished this show (Yes, Etchi is very late in watching this show), I can actually still remember some highlights, which shows that Maid-Sama! is certainly a high-calibre shoujo show, unlike some crappy ones like Hatsukoi (airing atm).