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Woah! Sequel & Extra Announced!

Hey guys!

Remember back in Winter 2011 we had  shows called Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? and Infinite Stratos?

Well here’s some good news for the fans of both shows.

For KoreZom, it has been announced that a second season has been green lit, which basically means that it’s already in production

More info @:

As for Infinite Stratos, apparently it is getting an encore (OVA?) video in the October release of the DVD/BD volume. I’ll certainly be looking forward to that!

More info @:


Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? 11 (Pseudo-finale)

Okay, so I’m sure by now that you’ve all watched the KoreZom 11th episode by now. I say this because I’m probably about 4 days late on this post. Anyways, lets just call it a “pseudo-finale” because, although its the penultimate episode, this episode was the last one that’ll be pertaining to the story line. Episode 12 will be completely fanservice, so I highly doubt that has any relevance to the light novels at all.

Haruna headbutt

See, Ayumu is so dense in the head that even Haruna's headbutt couldn't split his skull in half

Anyways, the episode beings with a rather melancholic mood, which is perfectly reasonable providing the ending of last week’s episode. As it’s hard too write about this episode without telling too much spoilers, I’ll probably just go with the show and tell method with screenshots.


Haruna's Tsun

Classical tsundere revelation

I almost pity Haruna about her comment! Its not that I favor Haruna more than Eu or any of the other female characters, but Haruna is the “classical tsundere” stereotype to this show. Thus, she obviously doesn’t know that she’s a nuisance at times, but is a total bonus to the show on other occasions. Anyways, I have a LOT more photos left to go…


Naked Ayumu?

Just me...or am I the only who seems to notice Haruna doesn't say anything about Ayumu being naked?

There was that ^ and then there was this…:


Ayumu nude sunbathing?

Now I've always wanted to do this...except I'm sure my neighbors would castrate me...

Hmm…I don’t know about everyone else, but I literally could no stop laughing at this scene. Although there was no slapstick comedy jokes or anything like that, the mere awkwardness of Ayumu walking around naked just took its toll on my brain. Perhaps I’m a bit immature, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed this.

Read the mood!

Yes! Read the mood...but wait, it could apply to both zombies...

Then again, as I’ve said in the caption, both zombies should be reading the mood. Ayumu, obviously should have read the serious mood and stopped flirting with Eu, and on the other hand, the KoN should’ve read the romantic mood and GTFO out of Ayumu & Eu’s moment. Ah well, at least there’s the comedy we’ve all come to known throughout the series!


You know shit's going down when you see Kyuuketsu-ninjas wearing maid cosplay and playing in an orchestra on top of Tokyo Tower

Ah…what a beautiful sight! I’m sure the producers purposely put all the ninjas in maid outfits just to make viewers like me happy. Anyways, from a more critical standpoint…why are they in maid outfits? Why do they need to play classical instruments to kill megalos? Whatever, at least I got to see Sera in a maid outfit…which is relavant to mai interests.


Where have you been for the past 10 episodes?

Anyways, I won’t spoil too much about Ayumu and Haruna’s dual Masou Shoujo transformation (oops?!), but as we all know, the finishing move is called “Mystletainn KICK!”…which is completely irrelevant to what the actual moves does…

Come again?

This explains why my monitor was covered in tea

Okay, after seeing KoN literally get PWNed by Ayumu (I won’t explain the details, go watch yourself), I thought: “okay this episode is pretty much done for”. Oh how I was wrong! So I was sipping my dark Ito En ocha and…suddenly I see “After I die, make me a penguin”. I have to say this literally got me ROFLing, well that is, after I couldn’t hold in the tea in my mouth and it just came out…Anyways…just when I thought the comedic line was over and taking another mouthful of tea into my mouth…


The second reason why my monitor was covered in tea

Now, you don’t usually hear antagonists getting this much praise from me, but KoN definitely deserves some recognition. It’s not everyday you see the main antagonist “man-up” and declare his love for something other than say, destruction. Anyways, continuing what I said before this picture, I just took another sip…and after this line…again, I literally had to use up an entire box of tissues. Thank god my peripherals were all okay.


Now, start off by calling me "Onii-chan"

I know Ayumu, you actually do have a mountain of things you want Eu to do for you. For example, I’m sure you would’ve wanted her to do all those things you fantasized about in the past episodes. Now, from a male audience perspective, that’s like literally living in paradise, but if a girl saw this, then that’d be pretty much saying “you’re going to be my sex slave. Now get on your knees, bitch”.

She talks?!

Now that's the melodious voice I've been waiting for!

Wow. That just looks extremely cute. Paired up with the CV for this episode, Eu’s cuteness index is way up there with the rest of the moe goddesses. Anyways, this was probably the best moment of this episode from a romantic viewpoint. Eu’s real voice and that super “dere dere” facial expression is pretty much a one-hit KO. Now, I must also criticize this, despite how awesome this scene was for me. Starting off…didn’t she say (write) that she can’t talk otherwise bad stuff will happen? What happened to that? Also, didn’t she say (write) that she can’t express her emotions? What happened to the Armageddon I was expecting from her outburst of emotions for Ayumu? Ah well, I can forget all that thanks to Eu’s cute voice and her facial expression…moe~~~~~~


Uhm...aren't you embarrassed?

Okay…I don’t really get this part (actually I do), but who flies through the air with their legs spread open like that? Certainly this isn’t a “Mystletainn KICK!”, so should it be something else? I’ll leave the naming up to you guys, but if I remember correctly, this was enough to cause Ayumu to bleed. Whether its from the pantsu exposure or the impact of the collision, I don’t know.

WOAH! She's an esper!

Hahaha! Anyways, KoreZom was a pleasure to watch during the Winter 2011 season. I won’t say it’s the best, but at least it ranks pretty high in both the Japanese and North American rankings. Compared to the light novels, obviously the anime was immensely inferior due to poor plot organization and some other things that I won’t get into. Okay, so after my barrage of photos, I must go onto the boring text part.

For the characters, I thought the group was pretty diverse and obviously there were some stereotype characters such as the classical tsundere, Haruna and the super dense lead male, Ayumu. The only thing that stopped this show from godforsaken mediocrity was the unpredictability of this show. Obviously it can’t compare to the quality found in Durarara!!, but it was good enough to make this show enjoyable.

Now, the music was relatively good. Not that the music stood out a lot, but it at least reached my expected standards of OP/ED song styles and correct usage of OST at the right time. What I do have to complain is the relative lack of OST used during the show. Maybe it’s just that I don’t remember, but you never know.

Overall, I would recommend this show to my friends if they were looking for a comedy, action, and romance show. It certainly deserves credit as being one of the better shows of this season, but it does have its flaws. As usual, when I watch anime, I don’t go about pointing out every single deficiency because that would literally ruin my entertainment. Therefore, for all those of you out there who are “serious” anime watchers, you might be disappointed with KoreZom, but if you’re just in for the lols and to make your time productive, then I’d tell you watch this show.

Uhm…in case you’re wondering about KoreZom 12…I think I’ll take a look into it…if it’s worth blogging, then expect a post next week. If not, then…just think of this as my final KoreZom post…unless I post its OP/ED.