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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 13

So with Kirino out of the picture, OreImo can finally have some development for Ruri Gokou (Kuroneko)! As the second special that aired on the interwebs, OreImo 13 was not that bad…considering that it was an OVA. Most shows just have horrendous OVAs that entice viewers to buy the box set so they can watch the extra content.

Saori's oppai

Yes, I love'em just as much as you do, Saori BAJEENA

Hmmm…had this been from Yosuga no Sora, I’d swear that this would be a masturbation scene. Thank god. Anyways, here you see Saori using her usual slapstick comedy and odd fantasies to good use. As we all know, Saori has an incredibly outstanding figure, but she JUST HAD to play with her oppai and make me drool. Thanks Saori BAJEENA



Hmm…basically here, he’s just saying that he does have ulterior motives for helping Kuroneko and basically admitting he’s a lolicon extraordinaire. Time for your readers to go watch the scene ya know?

give me back my bike!

Remember? He's the dude from the other bonus episode!

Yeah…turns out that dude did mean to play an important role! Other than his ridiculous custom bike, this guy is actually pretty cool! Wait, now that I’ve forgotten his name already…it seems all he did was basically rant and write program script codes…

wait what?


Haha…I remember about 1/3 of the episode was the argument between Akagi’s sister (remember her, the fujoshi who’s the sister of Kyosuke’s friend) and Kuroneko. At first, her name sounded extremely familiar, but the way the show unveiled her true identity was rather surprising.


The pose. The background. The line. This is the epitome of being bold in front of people you barely know. I couldn’t even confess my love with complete strangers, so just think about the difficulty to expose something like this privately…LOL Anyways, that scene was pretty much the highlight of this episode.

In fact, I was pretty surprised that nothing really lovey dovey happened between Kyosuke and Kuroneko. Kinda disappointing in that aspect, but I still had to say this episode was a pleasure to watch.