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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: Some Thoughts

Oh, Biribiri, you're such a cutie~

It’s been awhile… so let’s get started!

From the get-go, the storyline was a bit confusing, but entertaining. I would have to say that was mostly filler to me. Kinda like a background story. On a more positive note, I thought the characters were funny, cute and there were some fanservice moments so that’s definitely a plus! *insert happy face*

Anyways, I guess my favorite character from Railgun would be Misaka Mikoto. Why wouldn’t it be? With that awesome opening song and her being in almost every episode, how can it not be?! I simply just can’t get enough of her~

I am going to start watching Index Season 2 once I stop watching Doctor Who. ( I am sorry, its just…. David Tennant is the boss.)

*Sabishii’s Corner*: Kagaku no Railgun wasn’t a bad show really, but as Etchi said, there was a dearth of an interesting plot line, and was giving off a “filler-like” vibe to it. However, since whether having ecchi in a show or not is trivial to me, I don’t think I’m as affected by the lack of fanservice than Etchi is. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like Railgun? Who knows :D. Anyways, Railgun is definitely a great show to watch in between Index and Index II, especially since it’s coming from a whole perspective!