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To Aru Majutsu no Index II: Some Thoughts

Kaori, Seiri, Orsola, and Itsuwa. What more can you ask from SHAFT?

To Aru Majutsu no Index II was certainly amazing! There was more action, more fanservice (If you know me, I love it), and more characters! I would have to say that my favorite characters would be Misaka Mikoto, Misaka Misuzu, Kanzaki and finally Orsola Aquinas! ( She is just so moe )

Sadly this my thoughts on Index II are very short because I am busy watching MM! (It’s very funny). However, tune into that one for a much more interesting post!

*Sabishii’s Corner*: Index II was definitely a more mature version of the original Index. I thought it had a much more darker and meaningful story line than what we saw in Index. However, it maintains some of the original comedy, and adds on a number of adult jokes (oppai, wet T-shirt, etc) that were certainly a good bonus. As a series, I don’t think Index was meant for children (all that religious mumbo-jumbo), so I thought it was time it was made to seem more like an adult show. Luckily for Etchimango, SHAFT added a lot of fanservice in Index II. We can see a soon-to-be-oppai cast of Kaori, Itsuwa, Misuzu, Oriana, and Seiri. Lots of new face and oppai’s. Well played, SHAFT, well played. On a more serious note, Index II showed quite an extensive amount of character development, giving them depth and a realistic personality. Not that it wasn’t in Index, but it just seemed much more prominent in Index II. Although no official season 3 has been announced, we can pretty much infer from the ending of Index II that there will DEFINITELY be a season 3.  (by the way, I only wrote this much cuz Etchimango was being a lazy ass this week)