Who are you? Are you the Dollars leader?
Just some teenager blogging about his life. No I’m not the leader of Dollars. Does my handle name look like 田中太郎? Actually, I’m SabishiiMiruku, Angeloid Type Alpha, Strategic.

Why do you blog then?
Is it for the fame? Maybe. Is it for love? Do I look like some McDreamy poet to you? Is it because I have no friends? If thats what you want to believe, then sure. To sum it up, I blog for the lols & I choose to.

Are you a human?
What are you? A Captcha? I don’t think computers can put together syntax quite yet. Although my English is not that spectacular, I’d still like to think that I’m better than some cold, heartless piece of technology.

Are you an “Otaku”?
Not that I would like to be called one, but somehow it feels like I’m taking the steps to becoming one. I don’t really think being otaku is quite what I want to be, save being seen as that by a girl.  Lets just say each person has their guilty pleasures.

What do you see in anime?
Same thing for what you “haters” see on television. Anime is not a “cartoon” for little kids, but rather a form of entertainment for all ages in Asia. No, I don’t prefer 2D girls over 3D girls in case you are wondering. 3D girls provide you with the warmth you need to survive, but 2D girls just burn holes in your wallet (not that some 3D girls don’t…).

Why are you blogging? Shouldn’t you be studying hard like an Asian kid?
Why shouldn’t I be blogging? Perhaps you might be right that I should be studying hard, but that’s exactly what I do, when the time calls for it. Its not like I’m the top student at school, but I’m up there in the top, so I think I should deserve a little time off. Keep in mind I only blog when I have time, so it’s not like on an everyday basis. The only reason why you’d see a post on a weekday is either I’ve scheduled it to be posted that day or I just so happen to have a spare chunk to blog.


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